School Rules: The Importance Of Rules In School

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The word ‘rule’ may be common to you all dear readers, but what does it actually mean? what good can we get from applying it to our lives? Is it a must? Where does rules actually come from? Let us further read to elaborate more about rules.

According to the Cambridge dictionary it means an accepted principle or instruction that states the way things are or should be done, and tells you what you are allowed or are not allowed to do. Rules help guide actions toward desired results. We can act and be more orderly just by following the rules, about our actions thus obeying or not totally depends on yourself. Some rules have consequences if you don’t follow them. I truly believe that rules come from actions that may have been unpleasant, and that
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But for now on we are going to talk about classroom rules. Hence, in the classroom just like everywhere else, rules are being followed by students, teachers, visitors, and even parents. Parents are not allowed to visit kids on their class without permission, students are supposed to wear dress codes strictly, and many more rules. Here are a few basic rules my class has. Number one, we have to respect others. If i were the one who made the rules, I wouldn't say others only, since you have your own self to be respected but anyways respect is really important because it shows that one values another as an individual. An example that you can do to show respect is to be willing to be an active learner in the classroom. It shows respect to the teachers somehow just by being ready for your next class and be willing to learn. Another example that you can have to show respect with your friends are to not mock or tease people, that easy thing to do will make you a respectful …show more content…
Some people may not be able to do their work when the environment is noisy even if some can, as the first rule says, you have to respect others so work quietly in order not to disturb others. By working quietly, it means keeping your voice level as low as possible, or even by not talking at all to also not disturb the ones you are talking with. Talking slows down your progress even though this does not apply to everyone, it applies to majority of the students.

The next rule is to raise your hands if you want to speak in class and wait until the teacher permits you to, will avoid the class from being too noisy since there are other classes beside each room, and we have to respect them. Besides, no one will understand each other if everybody is talking right? By raising your hands, you can maintain politeness and respect towards your teachers as well as your classmates.

And last but not least, the fifth rule is to have a positive attitude. I think having a positive attitude is really important because it gives out so much advantages, such as becoming optimistic, making you feel inspired, produces more energy, and so much more. A positive attitude helps you cope more easily with the daily affairs of life, thus reducing worries. Having a positive attitude not only affects you, but it also does to the environment and the people around. It lets you see the bright side of life which could be very handy in the classroom. This increases your faith in your abilities,

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