Nvq Level 3 Unit 301

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Task 2
Unit 301
Roles responsibilities and relationships

My responsibility is to identify my students needs plan my sessions so that am prepared to teach my subjects and prepared to answer any questions that my students might have to ask, motivate my student as is very hands on and it takes a lot of practice to learn so motivating my students will help them feel that they will achieve their goals, supporting them is the only way they will learn.

Working with other professionals

Is very important to work with other professionals as they might be things that I can't help the student so for example if the class is to big I might need a teaching assistant or if the student need financial help I could ask her to get in contact
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Identifying needs

When teaching nails is very practical work and it takes time to master it some times learners find it difficult to understand the step by step so I will have to identify my students need and see if they are struggling or not understanding so I might need to change my tactic or spend some one on one time with that student so I can meet the students needs.

Ground rules

Stabilising ground rules at the beginning of the course is very important making the students create their own rules and have a discussion of the the ground rules that will be set in the class room, they will be rules that as a teacher I will have to apply and what I would expect the student to know that is non negotiable like been racist, discriminating been judgmental.

Learning environment
The way to maintain a safe and supportive environments by making sure every student gets a chance to speak, ask questions and their point of views will be respected.
By going back to the ground rules we can make sure that all the student feel protected, respected and free to be them self and their input is

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