Essay on School Of Thoughts By Frank Nemeth

724 Words Nov 7th, 2016 3 Pages
Being brought up in an environment where it was dangerous; peoples life experiences and the struggles make a person life change. There have been many life lesson experiences that I have took with me as I grew up. When most people get life lesson talks from a parent(s) or any adults, most take them for granted. They also think that what they are informing them on is not the most educational thing. I have realized that Frank Nemeth and I have similarities on growing up and learning and getting an education off the streets besides just in school. While growing up in the city of Saint Louis, where the streets where dangerous and going to a local beauty shop every other weekend has taught me about my surroundings and my values. Therefore, in School of Thoughts by Frank Nemeth details that the way he grew up without a father figure he still got his education and a life lesson out of going to Paul’s Baber shop. The issue of getting different knowledge form the streets than school. The difficult life living in small cities that were dangerous, growing up with one parent, and having a place that taught me a life lesson.
The level of difficulty living in dangerous cities is outrageous for young people. You have the gangsters and the deadly crimes that has ruined youth grief. Frank empathizes “the term “hard knocks” surely originated here” (321). In other words, life in Philly was unsafe. Education level is low, crime rate is high, and single parent families struggling. I could say…

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