School Administration's Role In The Role Of Leadership In Modern Society

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The fifth standard requires school administrators to act in fairness, integrity and in every ethical conduct for the purpose of promoting the success of students. These actions require the administrators to have knowledge in the role of leadership and the purpose of education in modern society. Such knowledge should help them to undertake education in a way that incorporates ethical frameworks and other ethical perspectives. Knowledge of the diverse practices of the immediate society, the history of education and ethical professionalism will help uphold fairness and integrity in the promotion of success for all students and ethical dealing with the staff and the school community.
Administrators need to possess a number of dispositions in observing these standards that include a commitment to observing the Bill of Rights. These rights include the right of all children to free as well as quality education. Also, the administrators should value the need for ethical principles in the process of decision making that is meant for the common good. Additionally, they should have a belief in the upholding of the interest of the school community instead of personal interests and taking responsibility for the consequences of their actions and principles.
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Such action requires them to have knowledge of regulations that relate to education and schools not only in the country but also in the global platform of teaching and learning. An extensive understanding of the democratic political system will help them to value the dynamics of policy development. Also, administrators must display knowledge of the role of education in upholding democracy and economy progression of the nation. Additionally, they must be well versed with the importance of equality and the respect for diversity in a democratic

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