Samsung Smartphone Wars Case Study

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Apple and Samsung have clashed on a unprecedented scale in smartphones business history, over the past three years. Their legal war cost more than a billion dollars and extent four continents, which began with the top-secret project that invented the iPhone and the late Steve Jobs’s has been extremely mad and upset when Samsung—an Apple supplier! —brought out a shockingly similar device, Galaxy S. Based on Stuart Graham and Saurabh Vishnubhakat author of the stuff: Of Smart Phone Wars and Software Patents in journal Economic Perspectives, the smart phone patent wars have produced a large number of US lawsuits involving major industry players like Samsung and Apple.

As we all know that Apple and Samsung smartphone war, which affected the brand
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It would need to be severe and serious damage to their ability in market and survive live on for a sales ban on Samsung smartphone to be an acceptable legal solution and reasonable.
a. Obviously the statement isn’t strong enough for court to order a ban towards Samsung smartphones, eventhough Apple claims that they are selling less than they would have done after the Galaxy been released to market.
b. But, unfortunately Apple’s sales are still so high, so it’s just not going to happen
2. It’s rather cynical, in one manner
a. Without the sales ban Android has established itself in fact as a viable alternative iOS and that’s what Apple anticipated to preclude in order to win the war.
b. As stated before Apple is winning the battles for It’s gaining patent case wins against Samsung. But it’s just not succeeding in the war because it cannot get those crucial sales ban against the Samsung company.
II. The patent dispute between Apple and Samsung.
A. Apple’s design is utility patents and Apple files first.
1. Apple claims that Samsung infringed four industrial design patent.
a. The appearance and touch of the devices, and three utility patents, including how the gadgets
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Samsung had started developed its mobile phone technology almost 20 years earlier than Apple, before iphone first released in 2007. In the other word, Apple might not be able to sell a single smartphone without the help of Samsung’s patented technology.
2. Samsung and Apple is actually a Strange bedfellows.
a. Samsung and Apple have a very important business relationship, but also competitors with each other.
b. Samsung supply many phone components to Apple, which can be consider as its biggest customer.
III. Impact from the smartphone patent fight between Apple and Samsung.
A. Apple and Samsung company used to get along well.
1. But Samsung started selling Android devices, everything change and their legal battle started long after that.
a. We can see how much the Apple founder Steve Jobs hated Android product and even called Android a “stolen” product — a rip off of the iPhone.
2. Why Apple wait on bringing litigation against Samsung?
a. One of the reason could be because Apple and Samsung long-time relationship before the fight.
b. Apple spends billions on Samsung screens, flash memory, processors, and other electronic components every years.
c. Apple feels that it had no choice, even though they know that bittering that relationship with lawsuits was a risky

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