Samsung And Apple Case Study

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The famous legal battle between the world’s largest electronics companies namely Samsung and Apple has been a hot topic now for nearly four years, and it’s set to last for at least another three. A trial between two electronics giants Samsung and Apple began on 31st March 2011, a $2 billion in the California court. In this case Apple being the Plaintiff accused Samsung for violator of its IPhone related software patents.
Introduction of the Parties:
Samsung: the company which make numerous electronic components which are used by almost every other electronic company for their products, the key patents that are related to the wireless communication technology are owned by it and by a massive margin it is the most successful manufacturer of
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A proposal for a licensing deal by Apple was made to Samsung when they had a personal meeting. According to the proposal Samsung had to pay up to $40 for each tablet and for every phone it was $30 to Apple which Samsung declined.
April 2011:
Apple sued Samsung, by claiming that the apple’s designs for its products were slavishly copied by Samsung. But soon a few days later, Samsung countersued Apple over Samsung’s own 3G technology related patents, and it also takes filled claims against Apple in Korea, Germany and Japan making it an international level dispute.
Aug. – Sept. 2011:
In Australia, the sales of Samsung’s own tablet the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was put on hold and injunction on the same product were secured so were the sales in Europe by Apple. Apple’s claim was that the design of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 had a very close resemblance to Apple’s Ipad. But the injunction in Europe was quickly scaled back just to Germany, but soon Apple got the ban in Germany which was extended to the other version i.e. Galaxy Tab 7.7.
The design elements and also the features like universal search features, rubber-banding and slide-to-unlock were sole patents belonging to apple
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– Dec. 2011: 30 open lawsuits
After the planned debut which was planned for many months, the Galaxy tablet was allowed to go on sale in Australia, inorder to get through the German sales but the design was changed by Samsung. Then in the meanwhile in Germany just for few hours, Samsung managed to get the sales of the Ipad as well as the iPhones banned, and to get some specific Samsung 4G phone’s sales blocked in the United States, Apple loses the bid.
But soon both the companies filed more cases against each other and the fight now saw about 30 cases in Asia, Australia, North America, and in Europe excluding Africa and South America.
March – May 2012:
Apple claimed that Samsung violated the direct court orders as according to them Samsung turned over just one device along with the source code as part of evidence discovery. The companies were ordered by the Judge Lucy Koh, to have settlement talks which were to be held in late May; but just a week before, a U.S. court stated that until the trial, the sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 should be blocked.
But the talks weren’t a success, eventually even after Koh ruled the Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales banned which would until the end of the

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