Sample Resume : Hospital Pharmacy Essay

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As a recently qualified pharmacist, with a 2:1 honours degree in pharmacy from the University of Portsmouth, I am keen to establish a career in hospital pharmacy. Looking to secure a position in hospital pharmacy, where I can
Achieving first place in the McNeil competition (Portsmouth university round) affirms my ability to communicate appropriate, emphatically and efficiently to patients. The McNeil competition was assessed on a persons ' ability to successfully counsel a patient, this involved recommending an appropriate medicinal action, providing information about the complaint and self-help tips on overcoming the complaint. My execution of these skills was further demonstrated through my achievement of fourth place in the McNeil competition nationally. Moreover, I prove my verbal skills daily as a locum pharmacist. By being able to efficaciously and respectfully communicate to staff within the pharmacy, I make sure the pharmacy is running safely. In addition, my communication skill has been validated by being awarded the runner-up place at the National Association of Women Pharmacist pre-registration competition where I presented an oral report.
Similarly to my communication skills my written skills are just as demonstrable. In my last year of university, my essay was chosen to represent the University of Portsmouth in the annual Law and Ethics essay competition. This essay certifies my ability to write clearly on any given topic. Furthermore, my writing skills are…

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