Essay On Sainsbury's Stakeholders Why Are They Concerned About The Business

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Name of the business: Sainsbury
Stakeholder Why are they concerned about the business? Example and how they seek to influence aims.
Employees Employees are mainly concerned about the business because it is the source of their financial well - being. Employees are very cautious as to when there are getting paid plus how much there are getting paid. Whether the business owners decide to give fringe benefits or not also are a concern to the employees, because that might be motivating. Employees have such a profound impact on how successful the business is by their level of productivity and motivation in their everyday duties, responsibilities and tasks. They can resort to trade unions and other various industrial move if they don’t think there working environment is safe enough. Or if they don’t think they are getting paid enough and if they don’t like Sainsbury policy.
Customers Customers are concerned about the business, because they buy from that business consequently they imagine the product/service they are paying for comes in good quality. Consumers believe that the purchase should come in decent value and be ethical products, furthermore they would be concerned about the
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Sainsbury’s motives their employees through rivalry, employees pay start off by giving them the lowest wages possible afterward the employees have to compete among each other to get to a higher rank with Sainsbury’s. in that case the employees are going to push themselves and will have motivation because they have something to achieve and attain this self motivation can lead to better performance at work subsequently a better customer service will attract more customers which will lead to an increase in the income making the shareholders happy. They can also motivate workers with pension schemes giving them motivational factors such as job

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