What Is The 4-6 Frequency Of Formal Safety Training In Construction

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According to the results of the study survey (Safety Management in the Construction Industry Report by McGraw Hill Construction 2013) and similarly to jobsite workers, On-the-job-training is reported to have the greatest value among foremen. This is consistent across all firm types and sizes. Classroom training recorded a high value of 55% of the respondents especially large firms that can afford the investment of off-site training. Online training is considered a great value by only 26% of respondents and is not used at all by 24% of respondents. The smallest firms value online training the highest (36%), though differences with larger firms are not significant. [6]
The variation by firm type shows that general contractors and specialty contractors
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4-6 Frequency of Formal Safety Training for Jobsite Workers
Employees must therefore be given health and safety induction training when they start work, which should cover basics such as first aid and fire safety. There should also be job specific health and safety training. Training must also be provided if risks change, and refresher training when skills are not frequently used. [6]
During this phase, each worker develops the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are necessary to work in a safe and healthy manner. While training (or refresher training) is always important, training should always be provided when employees are [6]:
• Transferred to jobs or work areas they are unfamiliar with
• Returning from an extended period away from work
• Workers who are new to the work force
Note: Not all training can or should be done on the first day. Time the orientation sessions to best match the needs of the workplace and the work done, but be sure all areas are

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