Essay Rowdy And Rowdy Are Good Friends On How

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Junior and Rowdy are good friends on how, “he cares about me, so he would always tell me the truth.” (page: 16), “ It’s like he’s a family member, an extra brother ad son.” (page:17), Rowdy says, “ I’ll protect you.” (page:17), “Rowdy has protected me since we were born.” (page:17), “ Almost every day, I’ll head over to his house and we’ll read these comics together. (page:22), “So I draw cartoons to make him happy, to give him other worlds to live inside.” (page:23), “And he only talks about his dreams with me. And I only talk about my dreams with him. (page:23), “I tell him about my fears.” (page:24), “I think Rowdy might be the most important person in my life. Maybe more important than my family. “ (page:24), “Rowdy and I inseparable.” (page:24), “But he was my best friend and I wanted him to know the truth.” (page:49), Junior said, “You’re still my best friend.” (page:52) Junior and Rowdy are best friends but, they seem like brothers to each other and would tell the truth to another they couldn’t lie, even if they wanted too. They know each other secrets, dreams, and fears in the world, spending time together at each others houses. Know want can make them happy and they are inseparable until, Junior switched schools and know deep down Rowdy would be his best friend nor matter want happens in life and Rowdy know that also, but, he wouldn’t admit like Junior would. They are opposites and alike when, their parents drunk Rowdy parents act by, “ His father is drinking hard…

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