Round Goby Research Paper

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Round Goby the Invasive Species I know that many people have never thought that fishing, being their main source of income. However when it is, a small toad-like pest called a round goby can devastate you greatly. The many different capabilities and adaptations this fish possess makes it a major threat to the bodies of water it has entered.
The round goby or Neogobius melanostomus was introduced to the Great lakes from ballast waters of ships (Protect your waters para. 1). These fish are becoming a major problem due to their ability to reproduce at a quick rate (Protect your waters para. 6). The fins of a round goby are tinted green, they resemble large tadpoles, and they are a solid gray color.
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4). The larger problem is that goby’s contaminate larger fish with zebra mussel contaminants (para. 10). In the long run the round goby eats too many aquatic organisms than the number of organisms eating them. They also impact the walleye fishing business by eating bait before anything is caught (para. 12). Finally according to the article “Round Goby” many attempts have been made to stop the invasion of this fish. One solution is to attach ballast water treatment devices onto ships (para. 12). This solution has been enforced in the great lakes but not strictly. Another is only dumping your bait buckets where they were filled. This helps stop the spread of round goby eggs from one body of water to another (para. 12). In conclusion the Round goby has been a major threat the the great lakes, impacting the food chain directly (Protect your waters para. 3). With abilities to feed in the dark and reproduce quickly, this may be an invasive species we can’t get rid of. This tadpole like menace, being a bottom dweller can be hard to fully contain. However trying to treat ballast waters is possibly a solution to control this fish. Over the next 100 years if these fish aren’t contained then you could look into the great lakes and be amazed the number of round goby you

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