College Essay On Fly Fishing

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try to 'match the hatch,' which means, replicating what the trout are hitting on any given day. This is not cut and dry, because sometimes there are no hatches.

So, I try fishing with what worked in the past. Sometimes this doesn't work either. In which case, I don't continually catch trout.

I vary my fly-tying from commercial patterns, by using a different color feather or thread. Keeping a list of all the items that I need to take fishing, is crucial to me. That way, there is no question of leaving anything out when I prepare.

However, I'd rather catch fish with a fly of my own design.

An example: One day while I was eating at the fishing location, an insect landed on my paper plate. I was fortunate to capture it and carefully
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My preference is fishing with the fly floating on top of the water. I tie my own flies, which is an art in itself. And I derive as much satisfaction from tying dry flies as I do from the fishing itself!

A whole book can be written on the Art of tying the dry fly. I have no doubt that books might exit. What I detail here, though, comes from my own experience and enjoyment in Fly-Fishing.

Trout don't always strike the fly that is floating. At certain times of the day, there is hardly any surface movement from trout looking for a meal. They go down deep, sometimes to the bottom, searching out caddis, snails, shrimp, or other forage.

Most of the time this occurs when the weather is hot or quite warm. A Fly-Fisher can then turn to Nymph Fishing, which requires the nymph...a wet fly... to be sunk at different levels.

I have always fished ‘on top' of the water but have also tried fishing nymphs. But do not like this type of fishing. The thrill for me, compared to floating the fly, is gone for the most part.

With nymph fishing, all I do is wait for a hit or a strike. Then I set the hook and bring the trout in. On the other hand, with surface fishing, I see the hit, I see the ring, and I feel the tug on the

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