Rhetorical Analysis : Anti Feminine Hygiene Products For Their Daughters

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We have all heard the rhyme, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” The #LikeAGirl ad campaign by Always attempts to challenge this age-old axiom. In this ad, Always uses a strong emotional appeal to empower pre and post-pubescent girls, to reclaim the phrase as a positive one, and to demonstrate exactly how amazing it is to be a girl. However, the audience of this ad is not limited to the consumers that it aims to market toward. Always also markets this ad toward parents that buy feminine hygiene products for their daughters. By exposing the latent sexism of this common barb, the advertisement sends a message to parents that they need to help empower their daughters as well as teach their children that comments such as “like a girl” can be harmful. The successful combination of rhetorical devices proves that this ad campaign has hit its intended mark.
The commercial’s main focus is interviewing people of all ages and asking them to interpret the phrase, “like a girl.” The female director asks the first young woman to show what it means to run like a girl, at which point the teenager begins to jog in place, moving her arms indiscriminately, and making sure her hair stays just so. The director asks the same thing of a young woman, a young boy, and a young man, all of whom do similar actions. They are all instructed to fight like a girl and throw like a girl, which results in pantomimed cat-fights and the dropping of imaginary balls. Next, “We…

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