Essay on Revolutionizing the Retail Sector

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In the effort to revolutionize the retail sector, DigiPoS faced a number computing problems when upgrading the system. According to Debra (2008), DigiPoS was led by the desire to meet customers’ need and maximize on their investments while maintaining its competitive advantage being a leading provider of strong POS software and other technologies. This could be achieved by ensuring that the system was upgraded to make sure that the organization was able to reach their customers in time with the right quality. In the opinion of Shinder (2008), this led to a number of problems; DigiPoS being a large organization, used a large sum of money to carry out research on the best system to invest in, which organization gives the most affordable and …show more content…
High cost of research on software and the best firm to provide a reliable road map was the key concern by DigiPoS. Since this would lead to huge finances DigiPoS carefully chose to, exclusively run its in-store system with Intel, it went for Intel which was considered the most reliable and preferably the most performing technologies all over the market (Debra, 2008). Using Intel, built credibility of the firm, especially, when dealing with potential customers and the existing ones. When countering the problem of maximizing investments and possible losses in case of system failure, DigiPoS decided to diversify investments. With a broad portfolio such as Intel Core i7 processor, Intel Atom, Intel Q67 Express Chipset, the risk was highly diversified. This was to guarantee success, as others would be there for customers in case of failure of one. Moreover, broader portfolio encourages economies of scale and improved DigiPoS’s innovativeness. In as much as those solutions led to DigiPoS innovativeness and enabled organization maintain their competitive advantage, there were other possible solution to the mentioned problems (Debra, 2008). Instead of diversifying by using all products from Intel, there was an option of using Intel among other companies as using a single firm to broaden the portfolio is equally risky venture. There was also an option of training their employees or hire trained

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