Importance Of Moving To A Rest Home

Deciding to move to a rest home is a major decision that involves many factors to consider. A different emotion is experienced both by the family and the patient itself. But the main aim here is to improve the quality of care for the aged persons. Providing holistic care, managing safety for all the residents and treating them with great dignity.
We choose one of the private rest home here in New Zealand as the existing health sector organisation. A 75-bed capacity institution rendering exemplary care for the aged. Established on August 2008 and is located within the Auckland region. A custom-made designed building that is welcoming, bright and lofty. With complete and modern facilities such as swimming pool, gymnasium, spacious lounge and
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The use of technology to gather information on market demands and exchange it between other organizations are the advantage to competitively enhance the quality of service. Models for service delivery were conceptualize and gained specific importance to help in learning the factors associated and provide a direction for improvements.
Among the models introduced by different authors, we identified that the organisation that we chose can be compared to the technical and functional quality model (Gronroos, 1984). This type of model is focused mainly to the understanding of consumer’s knowledge towards the quality of care and the way the service is influenced. Expected service and perceived service should be matched to each other by the firm for them to achieve the consumer’s satisfaction. (Gronroos,
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It will helpful the advancing the technological changes in the organisation. The budget controller will allocate the proper funding to the majority of equipment under the custody of chief of organisation and for the implement of software purchasing from the trusted and which follow the cyber laws as well as keeping the privacy concerns of the patient, proper training to the staff to handle the software it is quite expensive need to trained by experts and it will avoid the errors while recording the patient

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