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Technical Specification
Electrical Distribution and Lighting System
Scope of Work
The Contractor shall carry out the supply, delivery, erection, connection, testing and commissioning of all the equipment and material for the complete Electrical Power Distribution, Wiring System of the premises. The installation shall include but not necessarily be limited to the following: (a) Distribution boards (b) Earthing system (c) Small power installation comprising power socket outlets (d) Ceiling Fans General Requirements Drawings
Positions shown in the tender drawings for electrical
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The current rating and short-circuit breaking capacity shall be as indicated in the drawings and/or bill of quantities. If the short-circuit breaking capacity is not specifically indicated in the drawings and or bill of quantities a minimum short circuit rating of 6kA shall apply.
The frame size of all MCBs shall be the same so that they can be easily interchanged.
Circuit breaker dollies shall be of the trip-free pattern to prevent closing the breaker on a faulty circuit and they shall be engraved to indicate the ON/OFF position. Residual Current Devices
Residual current device (RCD) shall provide accident protection by interrupting dangerous contact voltages, which may be present in faulty electrical appliances as' a result of frame faults, insufficient insulation on misuse. They shall provide a high degree of protection against earth faults, fires and electric shock
RCDs shall conform to BS 4293 and shall be sensitive to pulsating Dc currents.
Each RCD shall consist of a current transformer, a tripping coil with contact assembly, main supply contacts, ON/OFF switch, a test button and a trip-free mechanism, all mounted on robust body of all insulated material. RCD shall be suitable for operation on a 230V, I-ph, and 50Hz supply and shall give trouble-free service in the locally prevailing climatic conditions.
The tripping current shall be

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