The Importance Of Job Analysis Of Tesco

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To get the right people for the right job, Tesco’s Human Resource are having staffing, which is a process for organization to ensure it always has proper number of employees with appropriate skills in right jobs at right time to achieve organizational objective. Staffing involves job analysis, human resource planning, recruitment, and selection (Mondy, 2013).
First of all, in order to get right people for the right job, Tesco had done well in job analysis. Job analysis can be defined as skills, duties and knowledge needed to perform in a job which determined by an organized way. (Mondy R. , 2014) To avoid mismatching between job and person, HR of Tesco take the priority step to describe clearly on their website about that particular job specification
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Tesco advertises job vacancies in various ways depending on the type of job available. For example, via Tesco website or through vacancies board in Tesco stores. HR had to attract people to apply for open position, to create applicant pool. Tesco provides a ‘Career Finder Tool’ on their careers web page. ‘Career Finder Tool’ helps the people who are interested in working with Tesco and can see which position they fit before applying for the job. It can be difficult for the applicant to make a choice, and they might don’t know how to find a programme and job that suit them well. Tesco have put together the career finder to help the applicants get the right direction and match their skills with their programmes (Career Finder Tool, n.d.). There are various skill selection in Career Finder Tool which is creative innovator, problem solver, critical thinker, initiative taker, details lover, organised planner, effective communicator, team player, and relationship builder. The applicants need to select up to 3 skills from the various type of selections to find out their ideal …show more content…
The first stage in selection process. If the applicant is success in the telephone interview, HR will organise a face-to-face interview. The HR will invite the applicant for an interview at the location that he has applied to work in. This is an opportunity for Tesco to find out a bit more about you. The HR will ask about the things around the applicant previous experience and talk to him about the role in a bit more detail. This will be a 30-40 minute, competency based interview (Recruitment Process,

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