Relationship Between Employees, And How The Keys Process Could Benefit Both Alyssa And Parker

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To complete this memo, I intend to provide an answer for each of the four questions given with this assignment. For this ethical connection activity, I will identify how to balance conversation between employees, and how the KEYS process could benefit both Alyssa and Parker. To conclude, I will provide an extensive summary of my answers.
The greatest issue with allowing someone to be the leader in most conversations is that it causes others to feel as though their opinions are not as valuable. By allowing Parker to continuously lead each conversation, causes other people to refrain from participating. Only hearing ideas from one person, isn’t an efficient way to collect information. In this situation, Alyssa should be encouraged to speak during meetings. Many employees like her have great ideas that should not be overlooked. If Parker continues to take over in meetings, the other employees will not be given the chance to excel. Allowing other employees not to participate is also to be avoided. Some workers may not have any ideas and no one would know they hadn’t done their part. It is crucial to a meeting to encourage each person to have an opportunity to voice their opinion.
To limit Parker’s speaking, I could time everyone so Parker does not feel singled out. Setting a timer of 10 seconds per person gives them a chance to throw out an idea. Perhaps 30 seconds would be appropriate for an explanation. If I need to, I could pull Parker aside at some other time and ask him…

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