Quint Nuder Ethics

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Quint Studer and Business Ethics In today’s society, “eighty-three percent of employees feel that companies want to promote good ethics and integrity within the organization and throughout the community” (The Impact of Codes of Conduct on Corporate Culture). The number of organizations that have illustrated their interest in improving the ethics standards is on the rise. Quint Studer has effectively created a set of business ethic guidelines to help any organization improve their company by keeping the focus on service, quality and satisfaction of the employees. Although Quint Studer is known as one of the most powerful people in the healthcare field, he was the total opposite as a young boy. Quint Studer was born in 1951 in the town of …show more content…
The key elements needed for a business to give good service is to create an exceptional experience that they would not find in any other business and to utilize surveys that tell what the customer wants and then implement those wants if possible. Every employee of a company is responsible for giving each customer they come in contact with great service. Ethics plays an important role in providing great service to customers. For a business that conducts itself in a high ethical manner, they coordinate their values and morals with all the employees who in turn pass it on to the customers by providing that great experience. By the same token, a business must also provide quality to the …show more content…
According to Quint Studer, “Employees want to believe their company has a meaningful purpose. They want to know that their job is worthwhile. The want to make a difference. If all three of these conditions are accomplished, bottom line results will follow” (143). Employee satisfaction is also measurable through surveys and even suggestion boxes. This crucial component is important to business ethics as well. If an employee is satisfied then they take pride in the business. This leads to recommending the business to everyone they come in contact with. Furthermore, if a business keeps the service, quality and employee satisfaction up, then they have a greater chance at keeping everyone’s aim on the same objectives and

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