MLA Reflective Report

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This semester we worked on several writing assignments that helped to build my writing proficiency. Applying MLA formatting was what I performed better in as I received the highest overall rating for that through my essay feedback. I need to improve my grammar and punctuation, I lost a significant amount of points because of it. I 've always struggled with grammar, as I write the same way that I think. I often have long thoughts that then translate into run-on sentences. I did a very good job choosing topics, they were interesting and relevant but not overused. I think my topic choices speak to my overall train of thought. I like to take notes and to observe the interactions and discussions between people, in doing so I am also able to notice commonly overlooked issues.
For the report essay and the argumentative essay my work quality was higher than it has ever been in the
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I have learned that if I do not over-think the content of my papers while I am writing them it becomes much easier for me to complete them and have the well written. This portfolio not only shows how I have progressed as a writer, but it also shows what I have learned about myself as a writer. It contains not only my poor quality work and my mistakes, but it also shows what I am able to do once I see the mistakes that I commonly make while writing. My revision should show how I would fix the deficiencies that my earlier papers had. However, there are also things that I realized works well for me in my writing, some of which I highlighted in this reflection and some of which shows in my revisions. Unlike what I thought in the beginning of the semester, I write much better when I make a bullet point outline and write out the paper without correcting myself as I go. In this English 102 course, I have learned many things about myself as a writer and have found that my preferred method way of writing works best for

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