Reflection On English 1000-02: Introduction To Academic Writing

In August of 2017, I began my sophomore year at Aurora University. One of my classes was English 1000-02: Introduction to Academic Writing. Before starting this class, I would say that as reader and writer I was pretty good, but I knew that my skills needed improvement to be more at a college level. In my ways, I looked forward to commence the class in order to achieve improvement. The skills for writing and all the aspects that comes with writing is important to have for not only English classes, but every other class and even for many careers. Now, near the end of the semester, I can reflect on my growth. As I look back, I believe that I have improve in my skills as both a reader and a writer. To begin with, one aspect of writing that I have improved in is the organization of a paper. In high school, I would have worksheets that would help me develop my organization on my paper, and it was developed into five paragraphs with one paragraph as the introduction, three paragraphs for the body, and one paragraph for the conclusion. In college, it is more on your own, and it is actually better not to think of the five paragraph structure as it is more appropriate to construct more paragraphs. Improving in the organization aspect …show more content…
I am now able to write a paper more efficiently with the new skills that I have developed and learned from this class. I am able to organize and structure my paper, utilize the new strategies that I acquire a knowledge of to construct my paper, edit and proofread in order to do any revision, and critical think. My understanding of what academic writing had changed for the better. With this class, I have become a better writer and I grew in my writing skills. I believe that the skills that I have acquire from taking this class will carry on in my future classes. I am stratified with my improvement and I hope to keep on improve in order to become a good

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