Reflective Essay - Professional Selling

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• | Role of Selling in Modern Business [Topic 1].Attributes of a successful sales person was the main thing that appealed to me within topic one. Self discipline, good communication skills, hunger for success, willingness to learn and passion are all attributes that I believe I have. Aligning these attributes with my own was important as it assured me that I was making the right decision in pursuing a career in professional sales.I have been involved with retail sales for the last seven years, including key holder positions with four different stores. I feel that it is fair to say that my hunger for success was the most influencing factor is my decision to pursue a sales career; I am very interested in a career in which my income reflects …show more content…
This more often than not would be with older customers that are comfortable with this style of service; he is easily able to alter his sales techniques depending on the customer he is dealing with, this is something that I aspire to be able to do and with Ron as a mentor I believe I have the potential to do this. | • | The Sales Presentation I (Opening) [Topic 5]. As topic five was to do with the sales presentation it was something that I was able to relate well to. I find it a lot easier to learn in hands on environments and in situations that I am able to use what I have learnt. Opening is the first step in the selling process and drew my attention as I now understand the importance of opening a sale, it is the point in which the customer will make their first impression of you and it’s your first chance to build credibility. It is important that both yourself and the customer are relaxed, if there is any tension it should be defused as this will set the tone for the remainder of the sales meeting. When opening its is important to project professionalism, this can be done in many ways bus should consider your cloths, body language, handshake and your greeting or self introduction. You should imagine what the customer expects you, as a professional salesman will look like, and dress accordingly. Simple things such and introducing yourself and shaking the

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