Reflective Essay In My Class

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It’s amazing how fast time flies. It felt like just yesterday I was moving into my dorm room. Now it is December, and we are finishing first semester. Throughout this semester I learned a lot about myself, and a lot about my writing. English was never my favorite subject, I have always been more of a math and numbers type of person. Although, in the past English was always an easy GPA booster for me. This course however was not, which made me struggle to write at such an advanced level that was never expected of me before. I found out after my first paper I have a tendency to have grammar and mechanical errors with my writing. Writing was never something I found myself needing help with until arriving to college. I found myself spending hours …show more content…
The essay topics given throughout the semester were difficult to pick a topic to write about. They were very broad, and there were time’s where I did not understand the topic to write about. The handouts on each essays were very convenient, but I think it would be useful to have an example of how to break down, and write each essay. I remember being stumped on the reflection essay. We did not receive a handout for that particular essay, and I was trying to understand the difference between the reflection essay and the insight essay. For majority of the essays, I thought it was helpful that the professor found example essays to get a grasp what he expected from …show more content…
I was always told there were grammatical and mechanical errors in my papers, however I never knew how to fix them by myself. I feel if we went over common errors found in papers it could have helped develop new skills, instead of making the same mistakes over. Another aspect of the course I would like to change has to do with the books the course required. I bought the books for this course, which weren’t cheap, and only used them in class once. I feel it shouldn’t have been required to buy both books, since they were not used throughout the course. The other option to make the books required and take advantage of the them during class time, using them for different

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