Nursing Definition Essay

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According to English Oxford Living Dictionaries, “nursing is the profession or practice of providing care for the sick and infirm.” To me, nursing is much more. Nursing is being able to fully listen to patients when the doctor does not have the time nor patience to. Nursing is being there to care for patients at all hours of the day, whenever needed. Nursing is carrying out all requests of patients with passion and without getting annoyed. Nursing is being given the opportunity to be someone’s backbone, his/her supporter and caregiver. Nursing is much more than a simple dictionary definition. I became inspired to become a nurse when I was in eighth grade. That year, I suffered a traumatic injury in which I fell through a glass plate wall. …show more content…
However, in my sister’s experience, the nurse was not. My sister has a condition called vasovagal syncope. With this condition, she has a tendency to faint when she is nervous, scared, etc. While shadowing an orthodontist, my sister had an episode. She fainted, causing her to hit her head on the floor. She was then rushed to the emergency room by ambulance. All in all, she had four brain hemorrhages. She was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit for two weeks, not knowing who she was or how she got there. She did not know my name, her name, or my mom’s name; she did not even know what year it was! Because she had several brain bleeds, she was not allowed out of bed. There was an alarm on her bed, so if she did try to get up, the nurses were supposed to come immediately and bring her back to bed; however, this was not the case. I personally witnessed numerous instances where the bed alarm went off and a nurse did not show up. My mom, while spending every night in my sister’s room, was unable to sleep knowing that there was a possibility that a nurse would not be there for my sister if she got out of bed. From this experience, I want to become a nurse in which I can fully be there for my patients. To me, nursing is supporting your patients no matter how tedious it can get. I would never let a bedridden, eighteen-year-old with four brain hemorrhages get out of bed when not supposed to. I would never let anyone do anything that puts them at risk of further hurting

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