Examples Of Personal Transition In Nursing

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1. Personal transition
What does it mean to be a nurse? Caring, helping, loving, kindness, being responsive, etc. People may give the similar definitions of nursing no matter what occupation they are. However, for nurses themselves, they may have a deeper understanding of the word “Nursing”.
I have been working as LPN for only 5 months so far. It is not a long time experience, but I feel my understanding of nursing have changed. I cleared remember when I came to school, I chose nursing as my major without a hesitation. Many of my friends didn’t understand why I made such a choice because the county I came from, china, nursing is a profession for female. At that time, my answers to them was nursing was challenging and nursing made a lot of
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The role and responsibility between RN and LPN are similar but different. To be honest, LPN is in charge of 40 patient on each floor most of time. RNs only show up when there is a emergency situation or a new admission in my facility. As a result, LPN is basically does what RN does to handle all the patient on his floor. For example, RN should perform task such as Ventilator care and administering IV medication, ordering medication from pharmacy. However, most of time, they let LPNs do that. It is blurred between roles LPN and RN roles, but their responsibilities are varied. For example, in my facility, LPN can only give medication and treatment as orders, monitor patient’s vital signs, basic wound care, and keep document patients’ health. Only RN can make up patient’s care plans, perform full assessment, teaching patients and perform diagnostic tests and analyze result. Even though RN and LPN has different responsibility, LPN like me can gain a lot of experience from working with RN. For example watching the tasks they do such as perform full body assessment or make up care plan. It is my way to prepare for transition to RN …show more content…
Care plan may varies depends on different facility, but generally include four components: nursing diagnoses; short term or long term goal and outcome criteria; nursing orders, and evaluation. Each shift, RN evaluates patient’s progress towards specific goals that will promote recovery and adjusts the plan as necessary. (Greenwood) In order to give patients best care, RN requied to be a collaborative role in a health care team. Working cooperatively with other hearth carers, coordinating and communicating effectively. As defined by Merriam-Webster (Merriam-Webster, 2015), to collaborate is to “to work jointly with others or togerther especially in an intellectual endeavor.” Collaborative nursing practice will generaly lead a better recover result for patients. In some situation, RN needs to face clients with diverse culture, that requied RN with skills such as cultural awareness, cultrual knowledge and cultural competence. To ensure clients with diverse culturals get quality care and safety, RN needs to change care plan to meet client’s needs if

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