Week 6 Reflection

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It finally dawned on me that semester one is over.
I have learned a lot in the last 12 weeks.

There were times where I felt confused and questioned the module structure. Looking back at Week 1 Reflective Writing, positivity was key in the midst of chaos. It was important not to lap into a state of lamentation.

On hindsight, communications is as ambiguous as it is scathing. The reflections trains one to question. Could this all be about the individuals ability to evaluate? The individuals interpretation would sinuously resonate with others and thus excel in the field?


I have learned how to better organize my thoughts, identify different strands and compartmentalize
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A lot of evaluation has to be done and I have to learn to sieve through the facts before I can present it.

I learned a lot from the diagram on my Week 6 Reflection. Referring to the diagram, the four main categories, defer in terms of factual, emotive appeal and interests. Subconsciously, we tend to question (5w and 1H) when reading. What stood out for me was this: What discipline is it from? Assessing the story intention, does it appear to be successful upon first reading? It is rather interesting point of view.

I particularly like Assessment 2 because of the style of the assignment: self doxing research and reflection, news story, press release and twitter stories. I have had a go at most media platforms. At first glance, it seems easy. A challenge I faced was the Press Release-Final. It is a highly skilled job of strategic persuasion. I had rather, interpreted it as a fact sheet. When I think of Public Relations, I imagine a salesman. Someone who is adept at mediating the worst crisis’. It may just be my biggest weakness. I would probably have to work on the basics of
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Earnest, we used a font which would bring out the child-likeness of our topic, “diversity and marketing in kids apps”. However, it was not supported by our teacher’s laptop. He told us that to prevent such situations from happening, we should embed our font. It was foreign to me. It is funny how unanticipated mistakes leads to learning something new.I learned the 6-6-6 rule when doing up our PowerPoint slides. It was easier on the eye.

I am proud of our final presentation. It had a clear direction, structure and was in sync with the topic. It included relevant visuals as well. I enjoyed circling the boy’s hand on the screen which was not raised up during the presentation. It was impactful as it engaged with the audience. I feel that my presentation skills have improved.

As the semester progressed, I have gradually honed my skills of writing, typing and planning online.

I look forward to next semesters modules.I will need to pay more attention to the modules as I have to pick what I would like to stream into next year. I have realized that “Contemporary Approaches to Media and Communication” is largely a reflective module. It forces me to sit down and review what I have learned every week at class. It is a little funny because that is exactly what I needed. To stop living according to the flow and ebb of the social tide and face certain

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