The Sound Of Music Play Analysis

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I went to the play of the Sound of Music on Sunday March 11th at 2:00 pm. There was a great story line to this play and I thought the scenery was great as well. They did a great job, but it wasn’t my favorite play either. I thought it was a tough play to get interested in and I never really feel in love with the concept. There were many positives, negatives and quality performances in the play though. I believe that one positive of this play was the music and lighting. I thought the music was always very appropriate for the setting and although it was based off of a movie the music crew was never off or unprepared for that scene. I have seen the movie before and based off the movie, I thought they did a great job of resembling the movie and working their hardest to reenact the movie. I thought the lighting was great as well and they dimmed the lights and turned them on at appropriate times. I also though the backdrops looked really good too and the prop crew did great. I feel that the hardest part for me throughout the play was how long it was and there was never a time I can say I was really excited or interested during the story. For me I enjoy some action or excitement which I didn’t receive during this play. I never really felt like I was drawn into the play. Through the play, there was …show more content…
They all put there heart and souls in every part of that play. They all contributed and made it a strong atmosphere for there family and friends as well as the audience. No, this was by no means my favorite play but that's ok because they people that contributed to that play, where willing to put a lot out there through there acting and personalities. I thought that the play could have used a little more excitement and thrill but overall it was a great play that I would suggest for people to see because of the story line and the work ethic put into the play to put on the best show

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