Reflection Paper On Practicum Experience

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My practicum experience in this class was quite an interesting one. I didn 't know how it was going to work, but quickly saw it was easy to figure out. I did have a few mishaps because of the way my resource class operate, I often have to change my whole lesson at the last minute. So even though I have written a lesson plan and scripted it out, it is usually geared towards their IEP goals or missing basic skills they need, when I see most of my students not getting something in class I chose to focus on what they need the most so then my lesson doesn 't match my lesson plan. Overall I think the experience was just okay, this is definitely something different for the school to have to observe someone online and it was a learning process and …show more content…
Other than the lesson plans it just seemed like a lot of busy work. The lesson plans were helpful, but I think ten scripted plans is too much with all the other things we have to do. With us being evaluated physically in our classes I think we all agreed that the 10 scripted lessons was a lot. I do appreciate the way the teachers worked with us and were very willing and available to help. Given the situation and the capacity of the class I think they did what they could to address things. The feedback from the teachers was beneficial for me because I don 't have to write lessons in my platform and everything is on the PowerPoint that we present to the students. Although I don 't know everything majority of the information that was presented was not new to me and don 't fit my platform. I have been in education a very long time so it wasn 't as helpful to me as it would be someone coming from a different profession with no teaching experience. I do see the benefit of this class for those students new to teaching because they have questions that most students in my particular program already know because most of us are in the classroom and have people we can ask. I stick to my original recommendation that this class be split up differently in order for everyone to get the benefit they need. It will also be beneficial to venture outside CCSD when learning polices and procedures. Maybe there can be a

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