Id 106 Reflection

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Reflection on ID 106
The ID 106 class is a perfect class to get first year freshman acquainted and prepared for any tough academic adversity a student may face throughout in college. From learning lessons on how to handle note taking, to getting the most out of the resources this college provides, the ID 106 course is a beginner's guide for successful college life. I truly believe that I will walk away from this class with an advantage above the rest of my peers who were not able to take this inciteful class. After my four years of college, I want to be able to say I had a liberal arts education experience that made me prepared for the real world, and, after this class, I can fully say my end goal has been put into focus.
The first topic that clearly made
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The process to get a meeting with the person I needed to was kind of confusing, and, to be honest, I feel like I gained nothing of value from my personality meeting. My reasoning is such that I feel like I was not told anything that I did not already know. With that being said, I am sure other students benefited more from the ACE certificate assignment, I just did not find it as helpful. One thing I think this class should consider adding to the curriculum is a lesson over e-mail, Microsoft Office, and Blackboard. Coming into college, in the first week or two, it was a harder transition to those programs than it should have been, and I feel like an early lesson over the basics could sort any confusion freshmen could have. Overall, I feel like just about every lesson and assignment were beneficial, and without this simple class, I would not know about half the things I can do on campus. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to take such an inciteful class, and I cannot wait to use some of the things I learned inside some of my harder

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