Reflection Paper On My Personal Reflection

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The time I received feedback was on a paper during my undergraduate year. The paper was a personal reflection based on a prompt. I went to the professor’s office for clarity about the paper. The feedback I receive is that I did not go deep enough with the paper. I did not agree with the feedback because I felt if the paper I wrote was based on my personal experience therefore I went deep enough as I can with the paper. She also stated that I needed to improve on my grammar. For instance, she suggested that I go to the writing center to improve on my paper. My reaction was to be shocked about the feedback. I went to the office expecting positive feedback about my paper not to be criticized about my writing. My reaction was denial and rejection because I did not agree to what the professor pointed out about the assignment. I tried to explain my position on the paper without listening to the feedback. My internal reaction was to be upset about the negative feedback because I did not think that the feedback was constructive at the time. My external reaction was to be defensive because I thought I did a good job on the paper. I did not actively listen to the professor feedback but I focused on my own feelings and thoughts. For instance, I questioned and dismissed my professor’s feedback.
Moreover, I would characterize my reaction to the feedback as reactive rather than healthy. I perceived the feedback as negative however I should have made improvements after receiving that…

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