The Pros And Cons Of Inclusion

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The differing opinions of inclusion exists and always will. As years pass students with disabilities are increasingly being placed in the general education classes. Inclusion not only allows for students with disabilities to receive the same education as their peers, but it also raises awareness for disabilities and allows for diversity. By including students in general education classes, students are faced with students with disabilities and it opens their eyes to how students with disabilities are just like them. Curriculum is definitely a topic that is many teachers have may different views on. Curriculum is determined by the national government. Then the state government gives guidelines to school districts. The school districts then have a Board of Education that lays out all the topics that need to be taught to help the students reach the learning standards and learning objectives set by the government. Curriculum consists of the knowledge and skills students are expected to learn, the lessons the teachers teach, the assignments that are given to the students to complete, the books and other learning supplies used to learn, and lastly the assessments used to assess if the goals are being met. The rights of exceptional needs students are protected by the Individuals with Disabilities …show more content…
In high school I had several classes where there were students with disabilities. One student was permanently in a wheel chair and had to type because he could not write. Also over the past few years I have taken several courses on inclusive classrooms and I think that the courses have helped shape my opinion. Also, my high school hosted Special Olympics every year, which I think helps students understand that even though the athletes have a disability does not mean they are unable to accomplish the tasks that people without disabilities

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