Falling In Love With God's Word Analysis

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The purpose of this reflection paper of the book “Falling in love with God’s word: Discovering what god always intended bible study to be” is to present the findings to individuals, small grous, and new believers, the encouragement they need to be well on their way to loving God’s Word more than they could ever thought possible. If you are looking for some fresh insights or a new way of approaching the Bible, this book is what you really need to motivate you.
Exploring the Bible is apart of my life that I have lack for five years, but it use to be something that I did daily. Bible study on Tuesday nights were a great part of my devotion, and the focus of the members attention was the contents of what the pastor was sharing from the Bible. I can relate to the aurthor when he says “are you someone who likes to know why you are
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One of the things that the pastor would do and still do is pop-up scriptures. I can see now how this was a tool to challenged the members to memorize scriptures, hoping that they would grasp the root of it and apply it to their lives. I can also remember my children coming home reciting all the books of the Bible and they were excited about what they could do. This book by Keith Ferrin gives you keys to how you remember what you want through seeing, reading, speaking and living. Inductive bible study is what drives this book. Wayne McDill, defines inductive as “the act or process of reasoning from a part to a whole, from particulars to generals, or from the individual to the universal” (McDill, 2006, 13). He then, go on the say that “inductive Bible study carefully exams the text for whatever information it contains on the subject it addresses and seeking to discern the universal principles thus revealed” (McDill, 2006, 15). Ferrin does is build the foundation because without that our structure will fall apart

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