Reflection On Intro To Teaching Profession

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Reflection Essay
Intro to Teaching Profession required us to do fifteen observation hours with the school of our choice, and the grade level of our choice. I decided to observe a high school setting. I was put into 2 different classrooms. I observed English Literature Honors, as well as an intensive reading class. As you may notice I do have three different teachers because one of the classrooms that I was observing had a teacher assistant for one of the special needs students. In this essay, I will begin to tell you about my experience as well as comparing what I learned in Intro to Teaching.
Social and Cultural Issues
To Start off, in almost every education course I've taken diversity is always the main topic and how we can embrace it and
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Starting off with the first one Strong Leadership, basically what I took out of this factor was get involved. Go beyond your classroom and do more than what is expected of you, get your staff and faculty to be apart of your movement. I can't really compare this to the classrooms I observed besides the class that had a teacher assistant. Which typically that means Mrs. Smith offered to be apart of the program to allow the school to grant her a teacher's assistant, and she was certified to work with special needs students if her teacher assistant was absent for some reason. So I would consider that a strong leadership role. Factor two being a school mission. I wasn't able to meet with the principal while my time being there, but in one of the staircases going up, they had a letter “ A” with a bunch of handprints from students around it. This was a symbol of them going from a “D” school up to an “A” school, which I thought was amazing. That shows they really care about the students and the progression of the school. Factor three; A safe and orderly Climate. I felt the school was safe when I entered, they had a security guard on each floor as well as the deputy was on duty. Another thing I would add to safety was in the classrooms the students seem to be very comfortable raising their hand and answering questions during the lesson. I didn't notice any student in …show more content…
The reason being that in high school most of the student has developed, and I want to be able to be that teacher to develop their mind. By starting off at a young age I will be able to teach them culturally and socially on today's world so once they get into their secondary education they already can take what stuck to them in elementary school. I know I'm not the only who was taught that “ hate is taught” and I want to be that teacher that can show my elementary students that we can learn how to be better than the past and that we can change the world. Now the observations did not scare me away from teaching high school, it made me realize I want to be a part of helping the students grow into those high school students you see today. Stated above in the classroom the teacher worked with every student and made sure they were getting the help they needed as well as the special needs student had the teachers assistant to explain the work back to him if he didn't understand. I want to make sure that is a priority in my classroom. If I was to have a learning disability student in my classroom, I wouldn't want him or her feeling left out. Like I said earlier, I would do assigned seats and make sure to change them up once in awhile because no student should have to sit up from by himself

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