Effect On Diversity Awareness

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Diversity is the concept through which presence of difference in an aspect or concept is analyzed. The main of this paper is to analyze the perspective of diversity in the two of the class that is age diversity and religious diversity. In this paper, different aspects of diversity and the impact of it on me are analyzed in the form of personal statement.
Personal Action Plan
Personal Growth
Effect on Diversity Awareness
I have noticed that the two ways in which my diversity awareness has been impacted in this class is social and religious context. I came to know about the importance of diversity in two different situations. Through age diversity, I was able to determine the fact that the difference in age has impact on the job opportunities.
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Diversity Communication
Role of Communication in Promotion of Diversity Awareness
I personally noted that the communication play a vital role in the process of enhancing the awareness regarding the diversity at workplace. However, an individual having good communication skills can easily convey the key advantages of diversity at workplace that would definitely help all the stakeholders in order to perform their part in a more professional manner. With the help of effective commination skills I can easily argue or discuss anything about the matter or issues that might arises while working collectively for attaining the targets regularly (Ostrom, 2009).
Two Ways of Improving Communicational Skills
There are numerous ways through which an individual can easily improve his\her communication skills that would help them while interacting with others. The two most common ways of improving communication skills are as
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By practicing diversity, I would be able to understand the ways through which performances can be improved. Moreover, through gaining knowledge I would come to know about different perspective and opinions, which would help me in implementing diversity effectively. Lastly, knowing benefits of diversity would help me to convey my message related to this perspective more easily. With the help of use of these three ways, I will be able to achieve my goals because it would lead me towards the perspective of diversity acceptance. It would also contribute in creating the environment in which diversity is valued because I will be able to support this perspective and I would even be able to urge people towards the positive aspects of diversity (Adams,

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