In The Graduate Michaela Zook's A Burst To Be Diversity?

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For decades, the United States has been described as a “melting pot” of different cultures. As the population of the United States increases, factors such socioeconomic, cultural, and ethnic diversity continue to grow as well. Multiculturalism can be seen in all aspects of life, including university education. With increasing minority populations at colleges across the nation, an education in diversity becomes more important. Promoting an education in diversity in university life and cultural courses not only discourages students from developing disrespectful preconceptions but also prepares them for the diverse environment of the modern workplace.
One conversation I overheard between my mother and another parent of a student at my high school
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SMU graduate Michaela Zook, in her Criteria essay “A Burst to Be Diverse,” observes that “this as well as other reasons, universities should prepare students to engage with all types of diversity because these universities would then produce more informed, and fulfilled young adults” (Zook 52). The only way to prepare students for the diverse world after graduation is to break down the barriers and teach tolerance. Campus life is full of opportunities for natural diverse interactions among different races, genders, religions, and socioeconomic classes. One example at SMU is the new residential commons system. Another SMU graduate Sarah Helfert, in her Criteria essay “An Exposure to Diversity,” complains that in the dormitories “SMU should not hinder the process by segregating international and minority students from the majority” (Helfert 41). After being confronted by this issue, SMU took action to correct the residential system. Now students are randomly assigned to one of eleven residential commons, each one as diverse as the next. By not allowing students to pick their own commons, SMU discourages voluntary segregation among students while embracing the opportunity to encourage positive interaction between different …show more content…
In my mind, discrimination and prejudice never seemed like issues that continued to plague our country. From an early age, I was lucky enough to grow and learn in a diverse and welcoming environment that allowed for everyone to feel equal while promoting acceptance. Only recently did I discover the harsh reality that not everyone is as open-minded which in the long term is unfortunate. By not engaging in opportunities that incorporate diversity, people miss out on the chance to change their lives in a positive way. Southern Methodist University is not the most diverse campus, making accessible interaction with students different backgrounds more challenging. However, SMU’s minority population is increasing each year and study abroad programs are becoming attainable for students through financial aid and international internship opportunities. These advances along with well-developed courses and natural interactions on campus give students the exposure they need in order to be prepared for the real world while reiterating the belief that “every Mustang will be

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