Ethnic Studies Case Study

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Students should be required to take courses in minority or ethnic studies as part of all college degrees. The unique value of ethnic studies in colleges and universities is that these studies promote respect and understanding among races, support student success, and teaches critical thinking skills. Ethnic studies by and about racial minority groups presents a different narrative that is shaped partially by histories of oppression in the United States. as well as by the intellectual and cultural resources and traditions of those communities. Ethnic studies evolved from the demands of Black Americans for an education that is relevant and meaningful, that affirms their identities and selfhoods, and that works toward human liberation.

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Students develop a cross-cultural understanding that encourages respect for other people. Minority students can also feel their racial or ethnic identity validated by the introduction of this content in schools that may have previously felt not so engaging. The Colorado College states that they “offer students an opportunity to engage in the examination of ethnicity and race and their systematic relationship with class, gender and sexuality as they appear in all facets of American culture and society. (Colorado College) The majority of the information utilized at colleges depict minorities very stereotypical. The historical information has been slanted, ignored, and or omitted resulting in various in the preservation of myths, prejudices, and stereotypes throughout the school programs. Even the few Blacks who "made" the history books were treated either as an afterthought or in a condescending …show more content…
Critics mock the mere belief that if Black American students are given additional Black American heroes to emulate, the student’s identity crises will be solved, along with the development of pride in themselves and their culture. The belief further involves the student’s achieving higher levels of academic success, and paving the road to better function as members of society. Critics maintain a stance that knowing Benjamin Banneker or a Charles Drew were famous Black men in the United States history will not help a Black American inner city student survive in today 's world. Simply knowing these facts is not any guarantee that the Black American student will be proud of being Black or gain a better perspective as to who the student really is. Critics believe that it would be impossible to create one college program to serve all minority students. The critics believe that one major weakness of the current minority studies is that the same Black American studies programs are not adequate to serve both black and white students equally well. Therefore, their belief is that there must be as many ethnic studies programs as there are ethnic groups. Rather than having to expand the studies, perhaps focusing on a better integrated American history program that should provide a well-balanced approach to the educational needs for all students not just one

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