Essay On Equity And Diversity In Education

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In the academic institutions of today’s society, educating young minds on issues surrounding equity and diversity not only within education systems but also within the society we as individuals relate to, appears to be an increasing desire among educators and parents. This desire arises from the growing concern that issues involving equity and diversity must be implemented into course curriculum to alleviate concerns that young generations are not given opportunities to learn how to properly approach controversies and obstacles with these topics in their society. By incorporating materials and concepts of equity and diversity into all classrooms, including collegiate level classes, I believe that individuals will develop an improved understanding …show more content…
I believe by incorporating multicultural education as well as aspects of equity and diversity into the classroom, young students will become more aware of the increasing need of awareness of the cause. For example, students will be able to identify ways that they can interact with other individuals who are ‘different’ from themselves. With proper education, students and educators, will have developed the necessary skills to properly handle these topics when they arise through their personal experiences in education or within society. Additionally, the importance of educators growing awareness of these topics allows them to meet the growing needs of their students, ultimately providing them with a continuing path for an beneficial education experience. Therefore, my plan as a future educator is to engage my students with equity and diversity topics and activities to create an anti bias education. What I mean by this, is that all students, of any culture, will be given the same opportunities and treatment within the classroom, while learning to treat their peers with the sam respect. This is the reason why equity and diversity should be taught to young minds as they hold the future for our

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