The Importance Of Native Americans In Public Schools

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“Excellence in education requires equity, not elitism” -Pasi Sahlberg (“Blogger” 1). Equity among students will be one thing children obtain from their educators as they mature. However, children are being treated unfairly all because of their ethnic background. Children attending public school systems are becoming more divergent than ever before.While Americans argue that Native Americans are equally viewed in school because they are offered the same materials as them, Native Americans question their treatment in required public schools due to the lack of cultural background of the Americans. Native Americans are lacking basic educational skills and Americans are to blame for it because of their discrimination against minorities. In public school systems, “Native American students’ performance still lags far …show more content…
Not only are Natives being affected, but Americans in these classrooms as well. The other students are getting frustrated when they see Natives falling behind in class because they cannot help them. Americans are not providing sufficient enough resources to Natives in order for them to excel in school. President Obama recently declared “a crisis in Native American education”(Ackerman-Brimberg 1). To counteract this crisis, President Obama increased the Bureau of Indian Education’s budget “37.6 million [dollars], for a total of $2.9 billion”(“Indian Country” 2). He has recognized that this has an become an issue and increased their budget to try and

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