Reflection On Career Exploration

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Career exploration can be an overwhelming process and I’m very thankful for the opportunity to explore the many facets of the workforce through interviewing, accompanied with a lot of self-reflection. I interviewed Bailee Pelzer, the Adverting and Brand Manager of her department. She works for Altorfer, Inc. located in Cedar Rapids, IA at 2600 6th Street SW. The location of their main equipment location that took place on October 19th.
I had multiple reasons as to why I chose Bailee for advice and guidance. One reason I chose her was in part due to convenience. My dad works at Altorfer and has multiple employees with various degrees and experience, which I thought would be beneficial. Additionally, in regards to that aspect I knew he had an
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She told me to take more communication classes, which I had never put much thought into. She said that being able to explain “marketing” language to individuals it’s a necessity to explain the important components to others. Another piece of advice she gave me was to get involved in clubs that are specific to academics rather than social. For instance, the American Marketing Association or Women in Business to establish my role within the workplace and get a wider perspective from more individuals. I think these are great suggestions for myself, since I am not involved in these groups and recently changed my major. I am going to strive to accomplish these so I’m more prepared for my future and career without …show more content…
After brief reflection, I think that I possess all of these skills and could apply them to a career, especially marketing. I believe that the creation and management of projects and events require someone who is adamant about organization and neatness. You have to be able to be personable in such activities as well, since you work with a variety of clients in addition to those who you are trying to recruit. It is essential that you have the ability to make quality relationships with individuals to improve cooperation. I think this job would be a good fit for me, because I am creative and enjoy variety within my everyday schedule. I love the idea of advertising for a company and making them thrive in the corporate world due to my efforts. I would also love creating websites and planning events for fundraisers as well as creating ads for specific projects and merchandise to persuade others to

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