My Statement And Leadership Work With Sexual Assault Awareness Team (SAAT)

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Initially, I came into my undergraduate studies at St. Ambrose University looking to become an Occupational Therapist, but that goal changed once I began my undergraduate coursework. Towards the end of a semester of research methods, I became fascinated with statistics and the process of research. In biopsychology classes, I learned how wonderful and sometimes cruel the human mind could be. Occupational Therapy suddenly seemed less interesting and I began to look more seriously at pursuing a different path, more in line with the amazing things I was learning about psychology, research, and the brain.
Undergraduate coursework in psychopathology, working with survivors of trauma, and counseling, as well as volunteer experiences working with survivors of sexual assault, have led me to my professional goal of working with survivors of sexual assault and other traumas to try and help them through what most people never dream of enduring. However, I want to do more than that. I firmly believe in the psychologist as a scientist and a practitioner in equal measure. I want to work with
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I became the first male member of SAAT on campus, as we work advocate for survivors of sexual assault and and raise awareness on the St. Ambrose campus. I had no idea this was an issue before coming to college, so it came as even more of a shock to me when newly made friends confided in me that they had been sexually assaulted. While I did not know the word for it at the time, I knew this was not social justice and I knew there was more that I could do to help. My passion for learning more about trauma and effective ways for campuses to prevent and respond to sexual assault, led me to also pursue leadership positions in the SAAT organization, as well as I became Secretary and the Vice President of SAAT my junior and senior years,

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