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I have the lifetime goal of earning an advanced college degree in computer engineering and working for a company such as Google, Intel, or Microsoft. I have selected this career path because I want to develop innovative and cutting edge computer technology. I also hope my work efforts will reward me financially.

I have completed or will complete several advanced placement courses prior to graduation. Beginning in middle school, I enrolled in advanced math and science courses. And I excelled in them and enjoyed the course material. I have registered for a second Advanced Placement Physics course because I enjoyed the challenge of applying advanced concepts to real world issues. Furthermore, I have completed several computer courses through
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This group was founded to further students’ leadership skills and to provide career and technology students a venue where they can compete in everything from welding, engine maintenance, computer knowledge, and cosmetology. I have had the opportunity to develop and improve my leadership abilities by attending annual leadership conferences sponsored by Skills. I have also attended the Texas State University Association of Information Technology (AITP) Information Technology Symposium with the Skills team. In addition I have volunteered at the Career and Technology Exposition hosted by our district each …show more content…
I have also engaged in activities that offer the experience of problem solving through engineering practices and computer skills. Through both coursework and extracurricular activities, I have enjoyed learning about and exploring the world of technology and robotics. Moreover, these opportunities have allowed me to develop my leadership and communication skills. In addition, I plan to continue to volunteer and mentor in activities where younger students learn about math, science, and engineering. Lastly, I appreciate your consideration for a scholarship, which would greatly assist me in accomplishing my dream of becoming a computer

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