Reflection On A Challenging Situation Essay

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Reflection on a challenging situation (Competency 2d)

I experienced with a challenging behaviour on my placement with a female patient who is around 28 years old experiencing Anorexia nervosa combined with personality disorder issue. She is a patient who has been the service for a period. For confidentiality, (NMC, 2012) the patient will be named Wendy. Wendy Character and demeanour attitude is known to be irritable and history of abuse to staff. I was designated to do persistent observation and this patient is on level 2 observation which implies I have keep checking on her for every fifteen minutes. On way to deal with her observation is to look through her door window to guarantee her perspective or conduct guaranteed. She was verbally forceful and her upheaval was unsatisfactory yet one of the patient was in her room when she shouted at me and convenient mediation is one of the patient and was staff directly behind me. I gathered confidence and challenge her irrespective of shouting.

Rundown of occurrence
Wendy does not need me to look through her window amid perception but instead said to me to stroll past her front entryway and simply record my perception in observation. The reason being that she is further of staff looking through the window as if she seems to be ' 'something that can 't be named ' '. I told her that, I must ensure she is steady and guarantee her conduct and mental state at any phase of perception in observation. Wendy still does not acknowledge…

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