Reflection Of The Four Semesters Of A Second Language

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The first major I really have looked into this semester is Communication. I think this major really goes well with my ideals and values because I like working with people and social situations. Communication requires one semester of math which I am planning on taking this summer and I am okay with doing so. You need four semesters of a second language which I am starting fall of 2016 which I planned on. To declare this major one must have a in person meeting with an advisor and attend a mandatory major session. After that you can begin the process of applying. There is an internship available and to seek those, you have to check out the Communication website then check out the internship page which gives information about organizations. One …show more content…
I talked to an advisor about this choice and she really gave me great information. There are many ways to go with this major but I would have to narrow it down to Elementary Education. The additional classes that are required are science classes, a social studies course, two math courses for teachers, political science, children 's literature course, and a class called schooling in America. There was no information about core courses in the ADVIP but majority of the courses are to teach you how to teach others. The math requirement is one semester and four semesters of a second language is required. I did not find anything about a required minor but there is an option to always minor. To apply for this major you must complete 60 hours of work with diverse students in a public school to complete this major. In order to apply, you have to make an appointment with an advisor to discuss the application process. There are not many internships for Education but there is always studying abroad and being in the fieldwork that has to do with education like being a teach assistant. The career opportunities for students is to be in a teaching career but there are always options to be a principle or an advisor in a school

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