Personal Statement: Going Back To College

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Going back to college, even though I have a bachelor degree, was the most important decision I took since I have moved to America. Three years ago, I started my studies in Union County College which is located on Cranford, New Jersey. On my graduation May 25th of this year, I realized that I had not only received an associated degree, but I have also received an opportunity to have a hopeful future. Returning to college was a personal challenge and an important tool to start a successful career in America.
My return to College not only was a personal challenge because English is my second language, but also because I really wanted to study a master degree. The two first years at College, in the majority of these organization in United States, students only learn general knowledge like history, math, arts, biology, etc. In Colombia, the county from where I came, at College students really learn more about all subjects relate with their professional fields. That’s the reason why it was hard for me to decide to go back to a college in America. Even when I thought that study at college in America would be a waste of time and money, I started my studies establishing a personal goal of getting always A in each subject.
The first semester was a little hard for me to adapt to my
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In the state of New Jersey by law, it is possible to become an assistant teacher if you have complete 60 credits. In addition, a person who has a bachelor degree in any field can apply for a permanent teaching certification through a program called “alternative path for teaching”. I did a little more research about this program and I also discovered that if I pass the tests require for my teaching certification, I will be able to apply to another program in which I will get a master degree. My college studies are the first step to build my future and new career as a teacher in

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