Reflection On Returning To School After All These Years

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Returning to School After All These Years.
It was Friday morning and once again I was on the floor trying to place and IV catheter. This time it was on Tank, a 95-pound American bulldog in need of surgery. That is when I realized it was getting tougher to crawl around on the floor, restrain and lift my patients. Nonetheless, I would never be content if I had to stop working with animals. That was when my office manager walked in to ask me if I needed help. At that moment I knew I wanted her job. I knew after all these years it was time to return to college to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. Completion of the Penn-foster online program would allow me to take on a lead technician role, furthermore achieving an Associate Degree in Science
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Most days I am there before the doors have even opened. If I am lucky I get an hour lunch to rest before I return to finish my day. Twelve hours fly by in a blink of an eye. I spoke with my office manager regarding going back to school to further my career. One might think that their current employer would not be supportive of their decision to go back to school. It is essential to check with your manager or human resources department when planning to go back to school, to see what assistance they might be able to provide. It is important for employers to retain employees by offering tuition reimbursement and ongoing training opportunities. My boss was completely on board with the idea. Not only does our company offer tuition incentives to pay for Penn foster, she agreed it was time to hire additional help to allow me the ability to only work late two nights a week and one Saturday a month. This simplified work schedule now freed up more hours …show more content…
Now that additional time has been freed up from the work day it is important to do the same with family responsibilities. Jim Rohn once said, “Either you run the day, or the day runs you.” And that really is what it is like being a full-time employee, full-time mom, and a part-time student. Some days I am on top of my game and juggling as well as a jester. Other days my many daily tasks drag me around like a rag doll. The next step is getting your family on board. I decided to sit down with my family to see what everyone could do to help with some of my other day to day responsibilities. My husband and I decided it was time to get our daughter a car so she could not only get herself to school and sporting events she could also help with her brothers after-school activities. To keep better track of everyone’s responsibility, we installed google calendar on our cell phones so we are all conscious of important upcoming events. This allows preparation and rearrange of the schedule if needed. We also reallocated the household chores so everyone could do their part. Now that I have freed up enough additional time it is important not to waste

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