Personal Narrative: The Bottom Line In Education

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I was born in 1984 and started school in 1989. Watching the movie The Bottom Line in Education 1980 to the Present, gave me a perspective of the Education system while I was growing up. I didn’t realize what my teachers and educators were subjected to. As a child I was very naive, which is what I was supposed to be. I never thought that my school was overcrowded or operating below any standards. I barely remember hearing about President Reagan. I believe what my teachers were teaching me was adequate and had nothing to do with Standardized Teaching.
A part of the film stated that students were prohibited from extracurricular activities because they were flunking school. I had a very hard time in Elementary School and there were subjects that
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I absolutely hated taking tests. I am not a concrete test taker and I do not learn by memorizing. I learn by experience and practice. This film gave me a better understanding of why I had to take the test I took.
I never had a problem with not being allowed to go to a certain school. I went to the Elementary closet to my home. My parents wanting to give me a fresh start and get me away from the bullies I went to school with in Elementary, enrolled me in a Jr High School and High School away from my home boundaries. I don’t think there were ever any issues with schools closing down due to lack of student enrollment.
I remember the Voucher System and my teachers always talking about it. I know that I was a voucher student because of my Socio Economic Status. My education was free. I never had to pay for books, supplies, fees, lunches, or field trips. My mother like clockwork went yearly and filled out paperwork for my sister and I to receive another voucher. It was hard for her being a single mom.
I do not remember watching Channel 1. I remember watching Reading Rainbow a lot. I found it interesting that students would have to watch Channel 1 and be subject to the advertising. I am so glad I don’t recall ever having to watch that
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I didn’t question how I was being educated. I thought it was very interesting to see the policies that were set from the government. I was taught both core and progressive. I learned to read, write, Math, Spelling, Science, Art, Music, and History. I had fun with the way I was taught. I don’t remember my teachers ever having any restrictions on how they taught. My fourth grade teacher taught us Poetry and Music. I remember that was my favorite part of that year in school.
I am in the process of getting my education so that I can be a teacher. I am very excited about the career path I have chosen. I am excited to be working with children and want to be a good and educational influence in their lives. I am saddened that I might not be able to teach the students the things I want to teach them such as Art, History, and Science. I know that with the current Policy of Common Core, I will be trying to fit all the standards and objectives that have been set for the age group I am

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