Reflection Of English Writing: The First Day Of Class

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As an international student at UC Davis, who has only stayed in the United States for less than a year, English writing is never my forte. On the first day of class, I felt quite intimidated when I realized, during our self-introduction session in class, that most of my classmates are sophomores. I thought to myself, “They must have done a lot of college level writings!” It somehow caused me to doubt my ability to perform well in this class, especially when I saw some good essays produced by my classmates during our peer review session. At that moment, writing was quite daunting for me.
Knowing that this course is the last writing class I will be taking for my lower division unit, I was expecting this course to be harder than the previous
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Through my participation in UWP1, I am more confident with my ability to write and read the English materials. I was glad to have learned so many new writing techniques through lectures in class. From the literacy narrative assignment, I learned to free-write a draft before producing a fine piece of writing. I was able to pour out all my ideas on a paper without having to judge my writing quality, and this definitely made me feel less stressed. Also, being able to be vulnerable in my own writing is to me, a truly amazing experience. This assignment allowed me to learn that literacy is not just about being able to read and write, but it is beyond that definition. In fact, it can mean something that is very personal. My experience with this assignment was a memorable one as I went back to my past, recollecting the memories of how I learned to be …show more content…
Even though UWP1 is not my first writing course at UC Davis, it was only my second time writing a research paper. In spite of that, I was still able to apply some of my previous knowledge and at the same time, deepening my research skills to produce a well-written and reliable research paper. For instance, I learned to collect my sources through the Academic Search Complete searching tool, besides using the mainstream search engine, such as Google. With several sources at hand, I managed to incorporate the information to produce a paper which focused on bilingualism among children. Evaluating the credibility of the sources that I found, as well as citing the work of others which I include in my research paper was very satisfying once I did it correctly. The sense of satisfaction that I received for meeting one of the learning outcomes of this course was simply

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