Reflection Paper For English Class

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Throughout the time I’ve spent in English 104 with a very good professor and understanding I feel that the learning I got was easily taught and give at a reasonable pace for me to get used to the new college atmosphere which is great and I really enjoyed my first semester. When Professor Horjus had handed out the directions for portfolio three I took this as another “yes”. Now I feel that I can write with ease and of course I am going to run into problems with my writing but who doesn’t? Its something that every great writer must encounter; for example J.K Rowling. I doubt she wrote Harry Potter in one run through. No she took her time, got peer reviews and did her writing process. Same thing with me except my writing process for the peers was in class and of course the professor, but being able to say something is yours and that you are proud to have a good writing process means a lot. It will pay off in a lot of writings because it means you are confident and have a lot of success coming your way with positive thoughts. Even though this is supposed to be a …show more content…
It has so much of a meaning that it pushes those other papers away and puts them to shame even if the research article sucked I know it doesn’t. Having spent many hours or a couple days on it means a lot to who should read it or even spend there time wanting to know more about which would make me happy because it means I made a difference. Picking out little parts of the article I feel are the best would be the emotional stories or even the facts that were given in the text because that means its true and someone can either relate to them or take it and run with the story. Meaning showing it to others or even using it as a piece for evidence that yes Tommy John for a fact works and I totally recommend

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