Write A Narrative Of A Dancing Dilemma (Essay)

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Dancing Dilemma The lights, the people, the vibrant crowd, the excitement was building up inside me. The cameras, the stage, and the sweat dripping off my forehead only seemed to blind me. The fear of messing up constantly misguided me. A performance for the members of the legislative assembly was first on my list of worries. Imagine this: your dance academy tells you to perform for an event at the legislature. What would you do? How would you feel? It would feel nerve-wracking, wouldn't it? I remember performing just like it was yesterday. The constant fear of failing, or feeling like I'm not good enough, haunted me endlessly. Mid-October 2015, without a doubt, was a time of life I most certainly won't forget. New season, new beginnings. It was half way through fall, and the crisp, warm toned leaves had already danced their way to the ground. Autumn began to paint the colors summer never did - in that moment, everything seemed perfect. My home life was great. My …show more content…
I've called to deliver you a once in a lifetime opportunity,” spoke my instructor in a passionate tone. “Yes of course! What is it?” I replied. “I wish for you to perform at the Alberta Legislature for a special event next Friday evening!” My body froze with a rush of excitement empowering me. “YES, I WOULD LOVE TO!” I screamed, unable to control my happiness. “Great! See you then.” I immediately hung up the phone and sat down, trying to take the moment in. A sudden thought hit me. How will I perform in front of all those people? What if I mess up? All these questions kept circling around in my head, making me feel nauseous. I know what you're thinking. You're probably happy and excited for me. Now don't get me wrong, as exciting as it may have sounded, it felt more nerve-wracking than ever. The thought of performing in front of all those people including MLA's and other political public figures was terrifying. The intimidation was real, and the pressure was

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