Reflection: How I Comprove As A Writer

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After finishing my first semester of English, I can say that I have improved immensely as a writer. Coming into the class, I was not very confident in my abilities as a writer. I did not think my word choice was above average, I thought my sentence structure was something that could be qualified as trash, and I felt like I could not address my audience in any way. However, after this first semester, I feel that everything has changed. Through evaluating my own work this semester, I have been able to improve my writing in the areas I mentioned. I have learned many skills through working on my own pieces throughout the semester. After going through the process of brainstorming, writing a first draft, revising that draft, and repeating steps …show more content…
This was the hardest one to improve, not because properly addressing an audience is hard, but because it is a tenacious activity. Also, without an improved vocabulary and sentence structure, I did not have the skills to work on properly addressing my audience; however, after going through this course and working on my writing, I was able to see my mistakes and learn from them. For example, in high school, I always had a very hard time addressing my audience. Once I got into this class, I learned that I had a hard time addressing my audience because I was never explicitly told who my audience was. After being provided that piece of information, I began to focus on the more detail-oriented side of addressing my audience properly such as sentence structure and word choice. Due to the work that I was allotting toward improving my word choice and sentence structure, improving my ability to address my audience felt effortless. When addressing a general audience, I found that the use of less-technical language and more direct sentences provoked more emotions and thoughts about the work. When writing a narrative, I found that using relatively relaxed language and plain-speech was more appropriate. Through addressing many different audiences throughout this course, I feel more comfortable when addressing my audience. I also feel that I can convey the topics I am addressing more effectively to the people that I am writing

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